Devoted farmer proposes to girlfriend with the help of their favorite cow

A farmer thought of a unique way to propose to his girlfriend by scribbling the big question about his girlfriend’s favorite cow.

Chris Gospel knew he had to make his proposal special and he wanted it to be significant. After some planning, he decided to get the help of a cow named Curlytop.

Using a livestock marker, Gospel wrote “will you marry me” on the side of his microbiologist girlfriend, Eilidh Fraser’s favorite cow.

The 30-year-old farmer made sure everything was perfect before he asked Fraser at a farm in Strichen, Aberdeenshire.

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Gospel shared that his girlfriend is fond of cows and that Curlytop was her favorite.

He also recalled the events on the day of the proposal and said, “She is around the cows most nights, so I managed to write the proposal, and then said we should go down and see her after she got back from work.”

At the time, Gospel recalled that Curlytop came towards them and Fraser soon noticed what was written on the cow’s side. Gospel recalled that she asked him, “What have you done?”

“Eilidh turned round, and I went down on one knee - and she said yes,” said Gospel.

Fraser always thought Curlytop was a very affectionate cow and she loves to hand-feed the livestock.

Speaking about the proposal, Fraser exclaimed it was a “complete surprise” for her.

In an interview with BBC Scotland, Gospel said they would have to check the animal policy on their possible wedding venues if they decide to include Curlytop in the celebrations.

Gospel also spoke with the Daily Mail and said that they had not discussed wedding plans as of now.

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