Lesbian couple proposed to each other at the same time and shared adorable video

Pedro Marrero
Jun 08, 2018
07:07 A.M.
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The adorable video went viral and has touched thousands of people due to the emotion of the priceless moment.


According to DMX, a lesbian couple lived a unique and unforgettable moment, when one decided to propose to his girlfriend and the other without losing time, revealed that she had planned to do the same.

The marriage proposals are always treasured by their protagonists to mark the beginning of a new stage in the relationship, but the commitment of these two women will be remembered as one of the most exciting.

Jessa and Becky decided to go for a walk to the zoo in Memphis, USA, but each had a surprise planned for the other. The particular fact is that none expected the other to do exactly the same.

Jessa asked a friend to accompany them to register the emblematic moment, which of course began without Becky suspecting anything.


A supposed photograph served as an excuse to turn on the camera and record a video, so the loving couple posed before the lens hold by their friend, just moments before the big event.

After the accomplice took the alleged snapshot, Jessa stopped her girlfriend before she could get away and after whispering his proposal, she knelt down and showed her a tiny box that contained an engagement ring.

'Oh my God, oh my God,' were Becky's only words. But instead of accepting, she ran out to get his bag, leaving his girlfriend totally surprised and asking what she was doing.

With Jessa kneeling holding the ring, Becky surprised all the witnesses by taking another engagement ring from her bag, revealing that she also had plans to propose to Jessa that day.


The loving couple showed not only that their love is strong, and that their desire to spend their lives together is real, but also that they have a very special connection.

Becky starts laughing the way people happy and in love often tends to do and the couple starts joyfully hugging and jumping with an immense happiness.

"We had no idea this would blow up so quickly!" she later wrote after the video went viral. It now has over 20k views on YouTube and well over 1000k views on Facebook. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.