January 16, 2019

Stunned tourists watch as dozens of immigrants land on the beach before fleeing (video)

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Tourists enjoying their vacation in Spain witnessed a strange incident when an inflatable boat carrying nearly 50 migrants stopped on the shore of a beach near a luxury hotel.

The video shows the semi-inflatable Zodiac beaching near the hotel area on Spain's Costa de la Luz. The migrants are seen getting off on the Barrosa Beach and hurriedly walking up the cliffs.

The footage was shared on YouTube by News Leak Replacement on August 27, 2018. 

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It was reported that the people on the vessel were Moroccans and the group also included ten children. 


The shocking incident occurred on a Sunday afternoon on August 23, 2018,  near a purpose-built residential and tourist resort called Sancti Petri. The resort has several shops, restaurants, and numerous luxury hotels. 

One of the vacationers who recorded the astonishing scene that was unfolding on the beach could be heard speaking in Spanish as the migrants jumped out of the boat.

Source: Twitter / News Leak Replacement


The man said, “Look how they're running towards the Sancti Petri Melia Hotel. They're heading for the all-inclusive Melia Sancti Petri. Look, look, look.”

One witness mentioned that some migrants had left their cell phones on the boat and the tourists took them, the Daily Mail reported. 

“We thought they weren't going to reach the beach because it's not something that's normal in this area, but they leaped off the Zodiac very quickly and began to climb up the rocks,” he added. 

Civil Guard officers were able to intercept 25 migrants, Daily Mail reported. Out of the 25, 19 were minors. All the 25 people were from Morocco. 


Source: Freepik

A representative of the department informed that the adults would be moved to holding centers for adult migrants after which they will be sent back to their original country, and this is done as per Spain's agreement with Morocco. 


The spokesperson also added that the 19 minors would be taken to youth centers. The regional Junta de Andalucia government runs the centers. 

None of the 25 migrants will be taken into police custody because they have not committed any crime, Daily Mail reported the Civil Guard officers' spokesperson as saying. 

A similar incident occurred when beachgoers captured videos of the astonishing moment when a boat packed with migrants arrived on a Spanish beach, and dozens of migrants jumped off it and hurried past the people on the beach. 

Source: Freepik


The boat landed near Zahora, a southern Spanish town, and video of the incident was uploaded on Twitter on July 28, 2018. 

The tourists, enjoying their time on the beach, were stunned to see around 50 Africans descend the rickety wooden boat and a father had to quickly move his children out of the boat’s way.

Witnesses on the beach reported that several migrants who got off the boat asked the tourists on the beach for food and water, according to the Daily Mail

Another immigrant, Mamoudou Gassama, climbed up a building in Paris to save a child who was hanging from the balcony and was showered with praises for his heroic act. 


The video of the rescue was shared on YouTube on May 28, 2018, by CNN News. The footage shows the immigrant from Mali scaling four floors of the apartment building to pull the child to safety. 

The four-year-old child was already saved by Gassama when the Parisian emergency services arrived. 

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, invited the 22-year-old migrant to the Elysee Palace.