Amazing recipe for making fudge only contains 2 ingredients

Here’s how you can prepare fudge easily and comfortably by using no more than two ingredients in a recipe.

A video uploaded to YouTube by Tip Hero showed the quick tip of preparing fudge in a simplified manner with just two ingredients easily available at the nearest dollar store.

First of all, you need a can of sweetened condensed milk. This should not be confused with evaporated milk or you might end up preparing hot chocolate rather than fudge. When you pour the condenses milk, it should come out nice and thick and, of course, sweet.

The next ingredient you need is chocolate. Buy yourself some chocolate chips and pour it into the bowl of sweetened condensed milk.

Source: YouTube/TipHero

Source: YouTube/TipHero

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Now you need to stir this mixture well and proper. Stir it until you get the condensed milk properly all over the chocolate chips.

This mixture will now go into the microwave. If you don’t have a microwave, you can use the double boiler method instead, where one pot of this mixture goes into another pot of boiling water.

Source: YouTube/TipHero

Source: YouTube/TipHero

After the microwave hits zero, you get a sweet, sticky mess. However, it is not ready to be eaten yet. Wait for a while and give it a few whips of the spoon.

Source: YouTube/TipHero

Source: YouTube/TipHero

If you want to enhance the taste or personalize the dish a bit, you can also add flavors such as crushed walnut, sea salt topping, espresso powder, peppermint extract, or vanilla extract right after it has been taken out of an oven.

After giving the mixture a great whip of the spoon, the recipe will finally start to look like fudge. The recipe is finally ready to be enjoyed.

For best serving, place the fudge inside an aluminum foil and let it chill in the fridge for about two hours.

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