Sad little koala throws terrible tantrum after being kicked out of a tree

It's so sad to see this poor little thing in such anguish but this is what kids do, won't you say? Can you imagine a case of a koala being bullied off a tree in a fight for territorial space?  More so, can you recall an incident where you or someone you knew was bullied?

Unfortunately this was the case of a very heartwarming yet extremely painful sight of a baby koala being kicked out of a tree and throwing a very humanlike tantrum.  

The incident which occurred in Adelaide Hills, Southern Australia showed the baby koala being bullied by a bigger koala and eventually collapsing on the ground. As he fell to the ground his crying got louder and it also became more intense. The video which was shared on YouTube has generated over 15 million views on YouTube and it has also stirred varied emotions from several viewers.  

To many this was a heart breaking video that nearly made them cry.

“Poor thing, it is almost heartbreaking to watch. But that's what kids do, isn't it?”

                                                 Alicia Alexander, Huffington Post, January 7, 2016

Source: YouTube/Koalafication

Source: YouTube/Koalafication

Being nocturnal creatures who sleep for up to 22 hours a day, these marsupials have been described as ‘fairly solitary creatures’ by the Australian Koala Foundation.  Based on the sound of the crying Ms. Alexander cited one of two reasons for the tantrum. Firstly she attributed it as being a fight due to it being mating season.  The second reason she provided was that it could have been a fight for territorial space. 

Source: YouTube/Koalafication

Source: YouTube/Koalafication

Koalafication who posted the video on YouTube celebrated the baby koala’s effort.

“This poor little Koala is trying to stake out its own territory when it is kicked out of the tree by a big bully. Persistence pays off as this brave young Koala claimed the tree all to himself by nightfall.”

                                                          Koalafication, YouTube, January 2, 2016

The baby koala was later seen back in the tree and all by himself with no sign of any further trouble by nightfall.

In like manner there have been more very recent human-like encounters with animals. In August a heartwarming video was captured showing a lost baby koala being reunited with its mother after three days. The incident occurred in Adelaide. The couple who had found the baby abandoned under a tree took care of it by keeping it healthy. They fed it bottle-fed formula every three hours. In addition to this they kept searching for its mother.

Then in North Carolina the crying of an abandoned pitbull at an animal shelter caught the attention of one of the volunteers. it led her to begin searching for a home for the animal but when this prove to be unsuccessful it took it to her home.

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