Little girl ashamed after wetting pants, so dad 'wets' his own to teach her a lesson about life

Ben Sowards, A father from Utah set an encouraging example of showing love and care toward his daughter by alleviating his six-year-old’s embarrassment in an unusual way.

Ben’s wife, Connie Merrell, posted the photograph on Facebook, which shows the father posing just before setting off to pick up his daughter from school after.

Connie received a call from the school explaining that her daughter was embarrassed after she wet her pants in school. She was called in to take the girl home.

The mother then informed all about it to Ben, who came up with a brilliant idea before setting off to get his daughter.

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He perfectly understood his daughter and knew well how disappointed and embarrassed she must have been feeling because of the incident.

So he decided to do something that would not only cheer her up but also lift her spirits. Ben poured water all over his pants to make it look as if he had wet it too. That way, his daughter would feel a lot less ‘alone.’

When Ben walked into the teacher’s office to get his daughter, he asked her if he could take her backpack to hide his wet pant. The daughter gave him a big smile and readily agreed to do so.

Her elder sister, Lucinda, later took to Twitter to post the photographs that showed the kind father’s unique and thoughtful action taken to cheer up her daughter.

Lucinda later told FOX 13 that she is the oldest of the 11 children that the Sowards couple has, many of whom are foster kids. She explained that her family is passionate about promoting foster care, and her father perfectly knows how to make his children feel loved.

It is always inspiring and encouraging to see parents go out of their way to motivate their child and help them feel loved. Dave Sylvaria is another such father who supported his daughter in an inspiring way when she told him that she didn’t love herself.

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