4-year-old child hailed a hero for saving her family from a huge disaster

A brave toddler's quick thinking saved her family's lives

Mesha Farland, of Jacksonville, Florida is being hailed as a hero for her actions in saving her family's lives.

The tiny 4-year-old Florida was the first to give the alert when a fire started in the family home.

Her quick thinking in calling her parents allowed them to leave the burning house on time, and an interview by WJXT with the little girl was posted on Youtube where has garnered nearly 150.000 views in just a few days.

"When I was playing with my baby brother, I looked back and saw flames."

Mesha Farland, Youtube, 31st of August 2018.

Little hero raises the alarm

Mesha was playing with her baby brother when she noticed the flames and ran to get her mother, Amri Payne.

Payne saw the fire "shooting up to the roof" and ran to get the baby from the crib, and to usher everyone out of the house, 

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Mesha's house was badly damaged

The damage to the family home was extensive, but thanks to Mesha's prompt warning, no one was hurt.

The little girl has been enchanting viewers all over the world with her sweetness,  her courage, and her outspoken confidence

Her mother, her family, and her friends consider the 4-year-old a hero and people all over the world agree.

Teaching children about fire safety

Kid's Health Org advises parents to teach children what to do in case of fire, and to have fire drills in which they delineate escape routes.

Unprepared children may try to hide from a fire in a closet, under a bed, or in a corner. But if taught basic fire facts, they'd be better able to protect themselves. Most fire-related children's deaths are not from burns but from smoke inhalation.

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