September 04, 2018

Dog gives woman in the backseat a cheeky look while holding hands with her driving husband

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Lucy, a very cheeky dog, has caught the internet's attention due to her persistence, especially when it comes to holding her owner's hand.

The Golden Retriever was very pleased when she managed to climb up into the front seat, forcing Carissa Germany into the back as her husband, Jacob, was at the wheel.

Carissa was able to get footage of Lucy trying, again and again, to have Jacob to hold her hand throughout the car ride, all while looking back at Carissa with a triumphant smirk. The video can be watched on Youtube or below.

The dog was quite proud of herself and showed her possessive side to the world; every time Jacob tried to free his hand, Lucy would paw it right back.


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But Lucy isn't the only dog that requires her owner's touch at all times. Regan, a 4-year-old dog from Lebanon, Tennessee, has also gained notoriety due to her clingy actions.


Sadly, Regan's actions were a result of being left all alone and ending up at a shelter; her owner was in her early 50s when she passed away and Regan had no one to take care of her.


She was frightened, but luckily she was found by Kim Mozena Rezac, the founder of Goofy Foot Dog Rescue and director of animal welfare for Animal Rescue Corps.



The 51-year-old spent three whole days with Regan, trying to gain her trust. Eventually, she managed to do it, but the dog didn't trust anyone else, so Rezac decided to take Regan home with her.

Although the shelter was wonderful and the volunteers were great with the animals, Rezac felt sorry for Regan. On the ride home, as a way to show her gratitude, Regan put her pawn on Rezac's hand and arm.



The moment was shared on Facebook and it didn't take long for people to show interest in Regan. She was welcomed by her new family two days later, where she can now live a happy life once again.

By sharing the video, Rezac hoped to show people that it is worth adopting instead of buying. Most of the animals in shelters might not have viral videos, but they still have a lot of love to give, whether they are young or old. they just want to be loved. 

For example, Roman McCon, a 6-year-old boy from Texas, understand this and, with the help of his mother, has already saved over 1000 dogs by rescuing them from kill shelters and finding them good forever homes.