Granny raps about family values and sweeps judges off their feet

She decided that lecturing the people she knew on the topic would not be enough to spread the word, so instead she took to the stage to share her important message. 

Paula Nelson, also known as "Granny G" is already 80 years old, but that didn't stop her from auditioning for "America's Got Talent" with a rap song about family values, and the need for a father to be in a child's life no matter what. 

When Nelson first stepped out on the stage, she appeared to be a docile old lady, wearing a loose-fitting pink dress, strands of pearls, and leaning on a walking frame. Her grey hair was kept in short curls atop her head. 

She introduced herself, sounding almost as if she were telling the judges off as she did so, and announced the topic of her rap. 

When the judges gave her the go-ahead, she pointed off to backstage, presumably signalling the sound engineer to start her backtrack, in a way any cool singer today would. 

As the music started, people looked slightly taken aback, which turned to looks of utter shock as Nelson sang her opening line: "This is Granny G and I'm talkin' to all you horny boys out there..."

As she continued and tha camera panned to the audience, it appeared as if some women in the crowd were absolutely shocked by the words coming out of the elderly woman's mouth, but Nelson remained unperterbed. 

At one point, she even stepped slightly away from her walking frame to do a little dance, turning around to grab her own buttocks as she requested that young men "keep it in their pants."

By the time she reached the end, the audience was up on their feet, cheering her on with loud applause and whoops. 

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