Hillary Clinton shares exclusive first look of her secret agent hero on 'Madam Secretary'

Like most of us, Hilary Clinton's first desire in an acting role was to be something cool, a spy in her case. But her past governmental position took her down another path. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, Clinton spoke with the executive producer of CBS' "Madam Secretary" Lori Mccreary at a get-together last year August about guest-starring in the show. 

At first, Clinton mentioned taking on a role as a provocative spy. McCreary thought either the entire suggestion or just that part was a joke at the time. 

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She described: 

"I said, would you ever play yourself? And she said, 'I'd consider it.' But it was a party, so you think maybe people are just making small talk. So when we confirmed that she really wanted to do it, we were excited."

The former first lady and McCreary were at a birthday party for Clinton's husband and former President Bill Clinton. 

70-year-old Clinton will make an appearance on at least one episode of the series. The first look of her debut cameo can be found below.


In the episode, she will be an advisor to Elizabeth McCord, played by Téa Leoni, alongside Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell who have both been on the show before.

McCord will require help dealing with a crisis. Creator and executive producer explained how she incorporated the former secretaries of state into the storyline: 

"There's an act of violence that is related to that issue, and Elizabeth (Leoni) feels like [she needs to make a] speech to the country. She feels she needs some help and guidance on how to dance this situation, so she calls them to give her some advice, which is something secretaries of state do. It's been a protocol, calling each other up."

Clinton actually inspired the political drama, so it may be appropriate she plays the small part. 

The show premieres on October 7 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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