September 07, 2018

Overly excited dog falls off boat going at full speed

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Dog rescued after falling off a moving speedboat in North Carolina

A video that shows the aquatic adventures of a cute Jack Russell pup has garnered over 500.000 views on Youtube.

The Jack Russel, a fur-baby called Tess, was riding on her owner's speedboat one fine morning when the unexpected happened.

Her owner was taking his dog on a pleasure cruise on a lake in North Carolina, and the dog was so thrilled and excited that she started running back and forth on the back of the boat.


Tess took an unplanned dip!

The excitable pup slipped and fell off the boat, fortunately away from the propellers, and swam back safely.

Her anxious owner retrieved her, sopping wet, scared, but fortunately unharmed.

This is not the only swimming pooch story to hit the news. Shane Hale took his pup Harley sailing, but the weather took an unexpected turn, and a storm broke out.

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Pup swept overboard in a storm

Hale, an experienced sailor, was cruising in the waters off the coast of Florida, heading for the Florida Keys, and planning to sail to the Caribbean.

The storm broke out, and Hale tethered the dog - who was wearing a lifejacket - to the boat.

Hale fought the storm for hours, but when he went to check on his dog, the lifejacket was still tethered to the hull, but Harley was gone.


The brave and determined dog survived and found his master

He had been swept overboard and lost in the raging seas. Hale believed his beloved pet was lost, and that he would never see him again.

He was to be happily proved wrong. The next day he saw Harley swimming alongside the boat, alive but exhausted.

The small dog had swum for hours, staying afloat and fighting the huge waves, and was fortunate to have been swept back towards Hale's boat by the oceanic current.