September 13, 2018

Mother hen acts as an umbrella to protect and warm her chicks during the rain

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Most mothers would do anything for their children, and this is not a trait unique to humans, as this chicken demonstrated on a rainy day. 

Footage from Visakhapatnam, India, went viral for the literal mother hen display by a chicken during a downpour. The hen had her chicks with her, and she wanted to do whatever she could to keep them warm and dry, despite not owning an umbrella or wellington boots. 

In the middle of the road, she stopped with her little ones, and spread her wings, giving them something to shelter under. By the looks of the video, they were quite happy to take the offer of somewhere dry to stand as the water spattered around their feet. 


There are at least five chicks taking shelter under her wings and body, still mostly with very small and thin feathers of their own. 


With her babies warm and dry, the mother hen appeared utterly impervious to the downpour that would have been soaking her. 

The footage was posted to Facebook, where the original has been viewed over 3.4 million times, with over 53,000 reactions on it and 4,800 comments. 

Plenty of commenters pointed out what good hearts animals have, with some feeling that animals are much better than humans in the way they love and care for one another. 

"Once saw an osprey with her (his?) wings spread out over chicks on a hot summer day in South Carolina. Humans should take a lesson!" wrote one person, with another adding, "A better mom out there than most humans unfortunately.