Young girl who worked at a fish market amazes judges with her fantastic 'X Factor' audition

Lola Saunders, a young girl who worked at a fish market, wowed X-Factor judges with her heartfelt performance of the classic hit, "Make You Feel My Love."

A video shared on YouTube shows the 20-year-old singer and songwriter from East Boldon in South Tyneside, New Castle crooning a piano-backed version of the song.

The judges' faces are overcome with amazement and joy as they relish Saunder's pure talent during her 2014 audition.

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Aside from being so talented, Saunders also won the judges' and audience's hearts with her story.

She cleans fish for a living but her ultimate dream is to become a singer. She took her chance with "X-Factor" to try to break out of her fish-cleaning job.

She thanked her grandmother and grandfather for pushing her to reach her dreams. She said they are her biggest fans.

Her family was proud of her for performing so well on stage. The judges also congratulated her for nailing the classic hit that was penned by Bob Dylan.

The iconic musician also released his own version of the song in 1997, the same year that Billy debuted the song to radio.

Source: YouTube/theytrebel

Source: YouTube/theytrebel

The song has also been recorded by many talented artists and has become successful singles for notable acts like Garth Brooks, Adele, Billy Joel, Kelly Clarkson, and many more.


Another aspiring singer that amazed judges and audience at an "X-Factor UK" audience was a 20-year-old McDonald's employee named Rebecca Grace. She conquered the audition with her powerful rendition of Kelly Clarkson's "Piece by Piece."

Despite her young age, Grace had an incredible amount of soul in her voice as she enthralled the judges into complete silence for her to sing the entire song.

The judges, including the hard-to-please critic Simon Cowell, applauded her for being able to pull off such a big song with such emotion.

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