Whoopi Goldberg reveals late Aretha Franklin's dying wish

Before the Queen of Soul passed away due to a long battle with pancreatic cancer, it seems she was able to reveal her last dying wish to her good friend Whoopi Goldberg. During her funeral, the "View" moderator made sure to share with the rest of the audience what her friend had wanted. 

Last Friday, Whoopi was given the stage as she was one of the last few people to speak with Aretha before she was unable to talk. According to her, the legendary singer had one final wish before passing away: and it was to help her adopted home of Michigan. 

Aretha was allegedly upset by how people are no longer providing water for the residents of Flint, Michigan, and she called out Judge Greg Mathis to take care of the situation. 

“Aretha was very upset…to discover that people are no longer giving water to the folks in Flint, Michigan and she wanted [Judge Greg Mathis] to take care of it. ‘Handle it!' So there was water was being given, now the water has stopped. So whatever we can do to get that going.”

During Mathis' speech at the nine-hour ceremony, he shared the story of how Aretha used to push him to visit Flint, Michigan, to help with the continuing water crisis. The city has been struggling to recover from the state-led water crisis, which was brought about by the contamination of their primary water source. 

“Our last conversation and I probably shouldn’t speak on this because the governor was here earlier, but, our last conversation was about the Flint water crisis. Where we know now that the governor’s office ordered that the city of Flint be taken over. They changed the water supply and it poisoned the people.”

In 2016, Michigan city's water became a threat to thousands after officials from the office of Governor Rick Snyder approved the funneling of water from the Flint River for resident's supply. For almost five decades, the area drew its water from the city of Detroit's water system, but after complaints of high prices, they made a switch. 

Prior to Aretha's death, reports have already been sharing how she has been under hospice care for quite a while due to her worsening state. However, after a while, her body had eventually given up and she passed away peacefully in her Detroit home surrounded by her closest family and friends. 

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