Identical twins separated at birth meet each other for the very first time

10-year-old Audrey Doering discovered she had an identical twin sister in Gracie Rainsberry after her mother discovered an old photograph of the sisters.

Audrey and Gracie were separated at birth when they were adopted from Chinese foster home by two separate American families. Years later, one inquisitive search from Audrey’s mother, Jennifer Doering, led to the emotional discovery.

Both the sisters and their two families came together for an emotional-rollercoaster episode of Good Morning America and overwhelmed everyone with their heartwarming reunion.

The show explained that Gracie was adopted by the Rainsberrys in Washington whereas Doering was adopted by the Doerings in Wisconsin. Both the families had other male children and were looking to adopt a daughter into the family, and both their search took them to China.

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However, due to privacy maintained by the foster home, both the families had no idea about the existence of the other twin.

One fateful day, Jennifer was looking into Audrey’s history, so that she could use it to give her daughter a special gift for her birthday. Through a Chinese researcher, she came across a previously unseen photograph which showed baby Audrey posing with her twin sister and foster mother.

The two girls looked so similar that Jennifer initiated a search to find out the identity of the other child. She took the help of an investigator and finally uncovered the identity of Audrey’s twin sister and the family that adopted her.

Through Facebook, she contacted Gracie’s mother, Nicole Rainsberry, and the two families quickly decided that they had to plan a reunion of the twins.

Audrey and Gracie came face to face with each other on the set of Good Morning America after previously connecting online through social media.

As soon as they saw each other, they broke down into tears and took each other in a warm embrace. After the two families got well acquainted with one another, the host of the show asked the girls to talk about their experience.

“It’s very overwhelming,” Gracie replied, and Audrey added, “It felt like there was something missing, so it was like, not it’s complete.”

Reunion of family members is always an emotional experience, even for those who are only witnessing it from the outside.

Recently, another similar heartfelt reunion story came out involving Ann Patrick and Marguerita Wilson, two sisters with Alzheimer’s disease, who met each other after 15 long years of separation.

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