Here is the reason Princess Diana once sent Burt Reynolds a 'thank you' note

Famous actor Burt Reynolds passed away on Thursday morning. In his memoir, he revealed why Princess Diana sent him a "thank you" note. 

The late 82-year-old wrote a memoir in 2015, "But Enough About Me" in which he divulged information about his past marriage and divorce troubles with ex-wife Loni Anderson. 

According to People, Reynolds said that after "we announced the separation, the press went into high gear." 

Around the same time, Princess Diana had also just divorced from her husband and the press went into a frenzy. 

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Thanks to Reynolds' divorce, however, Diana was spared some attention. 

He said that "Princess Diana sent me a thank you note for keeping her off the cover of PEOPLE magazine." 

He unveiled shocking details about Anderson in the memoir.

He said she "bought everything in triplicate, from every day dresses to jewelry to china and linens." He continued, "[she maxed out a] platinum American Express card with a $45,000 credit limit" in less than two hours.

Reynolds claimed that the actress said she would "never wear a dress after it has been photographed" because she has "to dress like a star." 

Ultimately, Reynolds regretted the entire marriage. He said, "I should have known that you don't marry an actress. That was a really dumb move on my part." 

The five-year-marriage ended in a bitter divorce with repercussions that lasted for 22 years after. The pair's adopted son Quinton Anderson Reynolds is now 30. 

The media exploded with details about the affairs of both parties. Additionally, Reynolds accused Anderson of being a bad mother to Quinton. 

It was only in 2015 that Reynolds settled the financial issue by writing a check for $154, 520. To do this, he was forced to auction off prized memorabilia. 

Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images

Before his last marriage to Anderson, Reynolds was married to Judy Carne from 1963 to 1965. She passed in 2015. 

After his marriages, in 1977, he dated "Smokey and the Bandit" co-star Sally Field for five years. Reynolds said that he missed Field terribly.

"Even now, it's hard on me. I don't know why I was so stupid. Men are like that, you know. You find the perfect person, and then you do everything you can to screw it up." 

After Reynolds' death, Field affectionately said in a statement to ET: 

"There are times in your life that are so indelible, they never fade away. They stay alive, even forty years later. My years with Burt never leave my mind. He will be in my history and my heart, for as long as I live. Rest, Buddy." 

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