'The Cranberries' singer Dolores O’Riordan's tragic cause of death released

Dolores O'Riordan passed away back in January but her cause of death has been discussed ever since. Now, it has officially been released.

The singer of the band Cranberries died on January 15, 2018, and was found submerged in her bathtub at a London hotel, leading police officers to believe that she had drowned.

According to the Associated Press, there was no foul play that could have contributed to O'Riordan's death, and that the late 46-year-old drowned after ingesting a dangerous amount of alcohol.

The revelation was made at Westminster Coroner's Court by Coroner Shirley Radcliffe, who was responsible for performing the autopsy. Follow us on our Twitter account @amomama_usa to learn more.


It has been reported that five miniature alcohol bottles were found at the scene, as well as a champagne bottle, which contributed to the high level of alcohol in the singer's blood.

The level was four times higher than the legal limit for driving and police officers also found several 'therapeutic' prescription medications lying around.


During the inquest, Radcliffe determined that the cause of death was alcohol intoxication, which caused O'Riordan to lose consciousness and drown in the tub.

Inquests are often used to determine facts in violent or unexplained deaths, and O'Riordan's case was of one of the several that are questioned on a daily basis.


But the singer wasn't the only one losing her life this year; on Thursday, September 6, without any warning, Burt Reynolds passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest.

The famous actor, who starred in Smokey and the Bandit alongside Sally Field, was 82 years old when he was officially declared dead at Jupiter Medical Center, in Florida.

Field, who Reynolds considered to be the love of his life, was among the first people to pay tribute to the legendary Hollywood figure, claiming that he would always have a place in her heart.

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