Sea lion quickly chose a 'victim' among divers and did something unexpected

Divers captured heartwarming footage of a sea lion showering them with hugs and kisses off the coast of Puerto Madryn, Argentina. 

Unilad reported that the particular area is quite familiar with a variety of sea life. Whales, dolphins, penguins, seals, and sea lions are no strangers to locals and foreigners alike. 

The seals and sea lions can be aggressive when on land, but in their natural habitat they tend to be engaging and docile. Sometimes it can even get out of hand.

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The video, found below, reflects their extremely friendly nature. You can see the sea lion giving a diver a fairly long kiss. It also goes right up to the camera that's filming it, giving viewers a close up of the adorable animal. 

It then moves over and, in its own sea creature way, hugs another diver. 

The sea lion-kissed diver received the surprising show of affection with little resistance. He patiently waited for the animal to do its thing before moving on.

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

The diver, named Julian Bala, posted the video to his Facebook page back in 2012. But when it was uploaded to Reddit, it went viral again in 2016. 

As mentioned, some sea lions tend to be more aggressive than others. In May 2013, two fishermen experienced this firsthand. 

The two men were filming at Los Cabos Mexico for a show called "Chef On The Water." They caught two large fishes during the filming.  

As they posed with their prize fishes, a sea lion jumped out of the water and snatched one fish right out of one of the men's hands. 

The man was shocked at first. He did not realize what had happened. His partner, however, found the incident hilarious and said, "That's a crime!" 

Apparently, the men were unaware of the well-known sea lion who was affectionately called Pancho by locals. He was a regular at the docks.

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