Hollywood’s police chief lip syncing 'I Can Only Imagine' with K9 partner is on a new level

Police Chief, Jason Hepler, filmed his version of MercyMe's gospel song “I Can Only Imagine” with his K9 partner, named Fox and the video has gone viral on social media. 

The video uploaded by the Hollywood Police Department on their Facebook page, K9s4Cops, on July 7, 2018, has been viewed 14 million times until now and it was posted as part of the lip-sync battles. 

These challenges are taking place around the country where law enforcement departments have been challenging other agencies. 

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The video begins with Hepler singing the first verse in a place abundant with greenery as the backdrop. We can also see his K9 partner, Fox, with him in the first part of the video.

Halfway through the video, the American flag is also shown. The video moves through different locations like the courtroom, an office among others.

 Source: YouTube / K9s4COPs

Source: YouTube / K9s4COPs

It ends at the same place where the song started, and we get to see Fox again. 

According to the department's Facebook page, K9s4Cops, chief Hepler and K9 Fox are trying to show the people who use the social networking site how police officers can impact the lives of those outside the force through their work. 

 Source: YouTube / K9s4COPs

Source: YouTube / K9s4COPs

The police chief told WHNT News that the song has always been something that he drew strength from in his journey as an officer. 

"'I Can Only Imagine' is a song that has been there for me in some of my darkest hours, when I was at the lowest points whether caused by bad decisions or because of things I was dealing with seeing from work this song would be my go to when I needed some uplifting," Hepler said to the news. 

Chief Hepler also added that his canine partner had been an exceptional asset to the police force since he brought in the department. 

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