Heathrow Airport presented a dancing flashmob in honor of Freddie Mercury's birthday

Heathrow's luggage handlers pay tribute to Freddie Mercury who was a former Heathrow luggage handler at the airport before he became popular by forming the band “Queen.”

The dance was choreographed by Lyndon Lloyd who is part of shows like “X Factor” and “Strictly Come Dancing.”

A short video of the staff's performance was shared on Twitter by British Airways on September 4, 2018, on their official Twitter account.

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The airport was remodeled to celebrate the birthday of the late rock star on September 5. 

The British rock star earned his living working as a baggage handler at the London airport long before he garnered fame as the lead singer of the British rock band formed in 1970. 

The employees of the airport at Terminal 5 dressed up in clothes similar to Mercury's stage costume. 

In the video shared on Twitter, the luggage handlers surprise the travelers at the airport as they perform some legendary moves near the baggage carousel. 

The video shows the staff talking about Mercury and also about the practice that they have been doing for the occasion. 

They then go on to perform some iconic moves wearing white colored clothes teamed with a neon yellow Mercury-inspired jacket. They also have a suitcase in their hands during the performance. 

The Daily Mail reported that the changes made at the airport were also done to promote the soon-to-be-released movie “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

The movie is a biographical film about the British rock band and its rise to fame, focusing on the lead singer's life. 

It was also reported that the band's memorabilia would be displayed at the airport next month. 

The airport also announced that any traveler named Freddie, Frederick, or the icon's real name, Farrokh, departing from Terminal 5 could use the British Airways lounge along with their companions. 

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