Teyana Taylor's daughter Junie takes over the stage with a short performance at mom's concert

Teyana Taylor may have a star in the making. Her daughter Junie just showed her she can hold her own on stage. 

Teyana Taylor’s daughter Iman “Junie” Shumpert literally stole her show this weekend. The two-year-old who joined her mother on stage took over the microphone and sang as she walked to the audience to greet them. Even Teyana was shocked.

In a video the singer proudly posted on Instagram this week, she revealed how her daughter Junie became the highlight of her recent show in Seattle. In one segment of her concert, the confident little girl walked to her on stage and even waved at the crowd before she sang a few lyrics to her mother’s song, “Never Would Have Made It.” At first, Junie appeared shy, sharing the microphone with her mother. But she later took the mic and like a seasoned performer, began walking towards the crowd to Tetyana’s surprise.  Junie started waving at the audience while singing and even reached out her hand to give one of them a high five. 

As the crowd cheered in delight at Junie’s overwhelming cuteness and showmanship, Teyana fell to the floor in amazement. Then she stood in disbelief realizing how comfortable her daughter was on stage. 

“Cried real tears even watching this footage!”, Teyana began to caption her video. 

“Stand up.....press forward....Move on....don’t cry we’ll make it through the night For sure... literally the magical highlight of last night show in Seattle!!!!! So much genuine love & support!!!! Junie stole the show. FOR SURE (in her voice) Keep in mind she’s only 2 going on 22"

Here’s that adorable scene that caught everyone by surprise.

This isn’t the first time Junie stole hearts during her mother’s show. Last month, Teyana pulled her out of the audience to join her on stage as she sang “Never Would Have Made It” to the little girl. Many were in tears watching the emotional tribute revealing how much Teyana adored her child she shares with her husband Iman Shumpert.  The little girl is quite the charmer, it's no surprise her mother would feel so much fondness for her. 

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