'This is not a normal cat': hyperactive cat leaves owner's aunt terrified

Manuela Cardiga
Sep 11, 2018
12:16 P.M.
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A cat owner's Aunt is frightened by his aggressive cat's behavior


A video posted on Youtube is proving to be highly popular with both cat owners and detractors and depicts a young cat behaving in an unusual way towards a woman visiting its home.

Of course, cats are playful creatures, although usually aloof, so at first, it seems that all that is happening is kittenish mischief.

One of the cat owner's relatives addressed as "Aunt Kay", is sitting on a couch when the cat starts batting and kicking at her hair.

She complains to her nephew, telling him "It's not right!" but the cat's owner reacts with obvious amusement, doing nothing to restrain the feisty feline.

Source: Youtube screenshot

Source: Youtube screenshot

"His teeth are in my scalp right now!"

Aunt Kay, Youtube, 24th March 2014.


Cat's owner laughed off the attack

The cat's behavior escalates, and soon he is knawing at the panicking lady's scalp. Still, the cat's owner does nothing but laugh and comment the cat's behavior as "he's never done (that) to me!"

Again the poor lady cries: "It's not normal!" as the cat launches a second attack on her.

Is this normal cat behavior? Is the lady in danger of being hurt? According to Pets.web.com the answer to both questions is "YES!"

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Source: Youtube screenshot

Source: Youtube screenshot

Cats exhibit mock aggressive behavior

All young animals learn adult skills through play, and for cats - being predators - that play consists of mock stalking and attacking "prey."


This type of play is normal feline behavior, but when it exceeds the bounds of what is acceptable it can lead to difficulties in conditioning the animal's socialization.

When a feline is not taught the limitations it will - despite playful intentions - injure the humans it selects as playmates.

Though serious injuries are fortunately rare, cat scratches and bites can be extremely painful and can become infected.


How to educate your cat to play "nice"

Experts advise cat owners to discourage rough play. This should begin while the cat is still a kitten, and the owners are discouraged from playing mock-rough games with their cats.

Kittens should not be allowed to attack, kick, and bite a person's hands and feet. This encourages aggressive behavior that will prove to be a lot less "cute" as the cat grows.

If a kitten starts to get rough during play, the owner should stop the game and walk away. If the animal persists, it should be removed from the room and left alone. In this way, the kitten will learn that biting and scratching is not acceptable.


Cats can learn rough behavior from children, so before bringing a cat into the house an owner should begin by educating the household's children to deal with the animals.

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