A vet shares his insight into an animal's last moments on earth

A vet told one pet owner what the hardest part of his job was and she shared his message on Twitter. It has since gone viral. 

According to Jessi Dietrich, the hardest thing for her vet, are the last few moments when he has to put an animal down. Dietrich explained

"When he has to put an animal down 90% of owners don't actually want to be in the room [...] so the animal's last moments are usually them frantically looking around for their owners."

She added: "And for this reason I'm literally gonna be cradling my [cat Rick] when his time comes with all his favorite toys and endless ear scratches at the ready."

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Netizens have since shared their own experiences and heartrending yet beautiful photos of the animals they had to say goodbye. 

Sean Ritter said his entire family sat with their dog Luke when it was his time to go, even though it was the toughest days of their lives. 

A user known only as Mads and Maddie, added that even though it was "heartbreaking and devastating" to put their dog down, he was surrounded by love. 

Another Twitter user, Kinsey, said her cat cried out every time someone touched it and was only calm when she held him; she stayed with him till the end. 

Source: FreePik

Source: FreePik

A user known only as Just_uss227 said she is a tech at a vet clinic and happy to report that most of the pet owners she dealt with want to be in the room. She explained

"We give them an injection to make them sleepy [...], so the transition is that much smoother. And when owners don’t want to be apart of the actual euthanasia, they stay for the sedation part."

Source: FreePik

Source: FreePik

That way, the pets are calm and know their owners are there, at least until they fall asleep. She said it "makes everything as peaceful as it can be."

Unfortunately, not everybody cares as much for their pets, and a woman from Portland was recently charged with first-degree animal neglect. 

More than 60 animals were seized from her home, and most of them were living in cages. Read the full account here. 

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