Remember actress Sharon Leal? Her son is all grown up

Sharon Leal is a phenomenal actress who starred in the “Why Did I Get Married” franchise and “Addicted.” From her youthful looks, you won’t guess she has a grown-up son.

Leal shared a couple of photos she took with her son, Kai Miles Land, as the two enjoyed a production at the Circle in the Square Theater School. One of the images was a mother-son selfie where they beamed at the camera.

In another photo, the duo posed against the backdrop of a poster. Leal wore a sleeveless checkered dress that stopped just after her knees. The glowing momma held a matching black bag and set off her ensemble with red shoes. Her son opted for casual style in a burgundy bomber jacket, grey t-shirt, blue denim pants, and black shoes.

Although Leal seems to be keeping a low profile these days, the actress already has a ton of experience in Hollywood. 

She spoke to BET in 2012 about some of her prominent roles as well as the one thing most people don’t immediately realize about her.

The “This Christmas” star is mixed-race; partly African-American, partly Asian. She said she finds it amusing that people have different reactions to that aspect of her life:

“I think it’s interesting. It’s funny because some people know it right away. They’ll say, ‘Something else is going on there and it’s Asian. I don’t know where in Asia, but something’s happening.’

But other people don’t see it at all. I think when you look at me it’s glaringly obvious that I’m Black and for some reason Asian doesn’t exactly scream out at you. And I definitely identify with my African-American side more. That’s how people perceive me and I’m fine with that.”

Leal, 45, revealed that although her first professional job was playing an Asian-American character, she hasn’t been able to play anything similar since. But she’s not perturbed:

“My mother is Filipino so I definitely have that influence culturally growing up. There were a lot of Asian customs, Asian foods and my mother has a very thick Filipino accent. She’s is a big personality within my life. I think somewhere down the line maybe they’ll be something [acting-wise] that will let me unveil that [my Filipino side] a little bit.”

Leal shares her son Kai with ex-husband Bev Land.

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