September 11, 2018

Here's what it means if a dead loved one 'visits' you in your dream

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People sometimes have dreams in which a deceased loved one visits them, and they have a special message from beyond the grave, believe psychic mediums.

Shareably posted a video on Facebook which claimed that visitation dreams have a meaning.

A dream in which people see their deceased loved ones visit them is called a visitation dream. These dreams can sometimes feel very lucid and realistic.

The dreams either leave people feeling comforted and relaxed or leave them filled with dread or fear after they occur.

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Many people have claimed to have had the visitation dreams soon after they have lost their close friend or relative and such dreams are considered to be far more meaningful than one could have imagined.

Lauri Moore, a Psychic Medium, claimed that being visited by a deceased loved one in a dream is an indication that the loved one is trying to give the person a message.

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For example, he/she may be attempting to tell you that they are doing okay and have finally reached “the other side.”

Another reason a loved one may visit in a dream, according to Moore, is to convey that they believe in that person and in the decisions that he/she has made from the time of their death.

She added that sometimes the loved ones only want to communicate that they love the person.

However, Moore says, that there may be times when a person may not feel a sense of calm or peace after a visitation dream, and instead they might feel a sense of foreboding and fear.


In such a scenario, the loved one may be trying to alert them about something, and they may seem strange or “off” to the person in the dream.

In some instances, there may be telepathy involved. The loved one may not directly speak to a person in their dream, but even if they don't say a word, they could still be attempting to convey some message to the person.


Moore says that dream visitations are not something people should be anxious or apprehensive about, because almost everyone comes across dream visitations from their deceased loved ones.

If a person has not experienced a dream visitation from a loved one yet, Moore says, that it may be because the person is either still mourning the loss of death or if the person does not remember his or her dreams.

It is better to remember the dreams and by keeping a dream journal. Moore adds that if a person wishes to have these dream visitations, they should sleep with a photograph of their loved one or with a note from them under the pillow.


A person should be open to experience these visitations and be ready to fully hear what their loved one wants to communicate with them.

Source: Freepik


However, Psychology Today differs a little from what Moore has to say. The author of the blog, Patrick McNamara, an associate professor of Neurology at Boston University, has delved deep into the topic.

Upon comparison, all these dreams tend to have a few elements that are similar. McNamara said that the deceased appeared as they did in life rather than when they fell ill.

There seem to be different ways of interpreting visitation dreams and concluding as to why a loved one has visited in peoples' dreams. In a number dreams, the loved one appears to be healthy and comes with the intention of providing comfort to the one left behind.

He went on to say that there was very little scientific data available on visitation dreams but that such dreams ‘ hold a key to the functional nature of the dreaming mind.’