Heartbreaking moment 7-year-old boy burst into tears talking about his mother's crime in court

AJ Hutto was only seven years old when his mother, Amanda Lewis, killed his seven-year-old sister Adrianna. He had to testify in court in front of his mother.

The boy was the principal witness of the crime as he saw Amanda doing the terrible crime. According to the description of the murder, Amanda held Adrianna in the water of the family’s swimming pool until she drowned and died.

Videos of the boy testifying in court were released, and it showed him wearing a white shirt and black vest sitting in the stand talking about the case.

The prosecutor gave him a picture that he had previously drawn and asked him to explain it. It showed the pool and two person-like figures next to it.

AJ revealed that the picture showed his “momma” killing his sister. He added that one of those figures was Amanda and that she was covering Adrianna’s face and pushing it into the pool full of water.


When the prosecutor asked him why his mother would have done such a thing, AJ confessed that Adrianna did “some stuff” that she wasn’t supposed to, so the woman got mad and threw her in the pool.


The boy didn’t know that Amanda was in the court with them as she was not sitting in front of him. As soon as he noticed she was there, he couldn’t help but burst into devastated tears.


After AJ’s testimony, the charges changed from accidental drowning, which was what Amanda claimed that happened, to murder. The killer was given the life sentence for the killing of her own daughter.


Even though it has been a decade since she was sentenced – February 2008 – Amanda continues saying that she didn’t kill Adrianna and that it was just a tragic accident.

“We had went outside. The kids were playing. Adrianna was playing in the pool. I looked out the back door and that's when I can barely see her floating in the pool. It was like part of me was gone. It was part I'd never be able to get back [sic],” said the mother.


Shan’ann was 34 years old when her husband, Chris Watts, killed her and their two daughters. The woman was pregnant, too. She and her daughters went missing on August 13. The last person who saw Shan’ann was Nickole Utoft, who informed the police about the situation.

After an extensive search, the bodies of three victims were found in the oil field where Chris used to work. He immediately admitted the crime but said that the woman killed the girls, and then he strangled Shan’ann.

On August 20, Christopher was charged with three counts of first-degree murder and two additional charges for causing the death of a child younger than 12.

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