These dads deserve an award for their creativity

Manuela Cardiga
Sep 14, 2018
08:03 A.M.
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Fathers don't have a maternal instinct so they make do with sheer ingenuity


Let's face it: a dad is a dad, and a mom is a mom. Mothers instinctively seem to know how to handle their babies, and how to solve their problems.

But some dads, faced with the challenge of taking care of their tots have come up with some genius hacks that have mothers gasping with envy, and trying them out for themselves, reported GoSocial.

Here is a compilation of the best #dad hacks that have been wowing the internet and inspiring millions of parents to think outside the box.


1. Dad is barechested but the baby is safe

A dad took off his shirt and used it as a makeshift safety jacket to keep his baby safely strapped into the chair while he cooks.

2. A precious load in a hand truck.

Rather than carting around baby chairs, a father opted for loading his child into and a hand truck for convenient transportation.

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3. Dad went bananas

Dad needed something to keep baby in his place, and a bunch of bananas worked perfectly as a safety harness


4. Look, dad, no hands

A dad rigged a support for his child's baby bottle with every man's favorite accessory: duct tape. Never leave home without it.

5. Hell on wheels

A father decides to use a wheeled recycling bin as a makeshift walker to help his baby through his first steps, and it worked.


6. Comforting weight, daddy style

Dad used his weights to hold the baby against a soft cushion. He created an automatic baby-cuddler that works like magic

7. Golfing daddy and his baby caddy

A golfer decided not to forgo his favorite sport and turned it into a family event by attaching the baby's seat to his golf clubs.


8. Preventing that mess before it happens

A dad created an anti-drip device by attaching a coffee-.cup lid to his child's ice cream. A brilliant hack moms will love.

9. A versatile shopping basket holds the baby too

A dad used a rolling basket to tuck in his baby, wheeling him around the grocery store as he does the shopping.


10. Keeping the pacifier in place

How often does a baby's pacifier fall out of its mouth, and onto the floor? A dad invented a way to wedge the pacifier in place using his favorite soft toy.


11. No more cold feet

One das solved the problem of baby's socks falling off and the tiny feet getting cold. He simply put his socks on the baby and covered the whole leg.


12. I want my mommy!

When his baby got lonely for mommy, this clever dad printed a life-sized photo of his wife's face and used it as a mask.


13. Reinventing the wheel

One dad didn't have a changing table to change his baby's diaper, so he improvised brilliantly with a cardboard box.


14. The Rope Plait

Daddy didn't know how to make a princess plait, so he twisted his daughter's hair into a rope instead. And it looked very sweet.


15. The Key-Chain Pull

Dad was taking his child out for a ride on his tricycle, and he didn't have anything to pull him along with, so he used his key-chain, and it worked a treat.


Being a dad today is a game-changer. Once upon a time - not so long ago - fathers were not expected to be hands-on. Moms did that.

Now, changes in society have made men develop their parenting skills, and they are turning the whole game upside down with their new approach and male practicality.

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