Video shows a dad calming crying baby in a matter of seconds

A father uploaded a video showing a surprising method of calming his crying baby and hinted at how his technique worked.

Daniel Eisenman took to Facebook to upload a surprising video of him using an unusual method to calm his crying baby. The video shows him chanting the hymn of "Om" to silence his wailing baby.

The video begins with Eisenman proudly looking at the camera. In his arms, he is carrying his baby, who is crying loudly.

Then Eisenman starts to make the "Om" noise, which he continues humming for a long period of time. Gradually, there is a change in the baby's reaction as we can see her becoming increasingly calm.

She finally stops crying and even dozes off in her father's arms. The camera stops on the little girl for a while. We can see her wake up from her mini-sleep, but she is no longer restless or even crying. She just quietly stares at her father.

Eisenman wrote a caption to his post that addressed the people's queries regarding if the technique worked every single time.

He wrote, 'Firstly, I don't believe anything happens twice the same way. Secondly, it's not necessarily about it "working"... it's about our precious #EarthAngel practicing self acceptance through self-expression, AND simultaneously holding me accountable to do the same by #OMing more.'

Eisenman also speculated that his daughter might have reacted to the chanting is such a way because she was exposed to it since she was in her mother's womb.

He explained that he and his wife chanted "Om" to their before she was even born. Moreover, he revealed that she was born in their living room where the Buddhists monks were chanting the mantra at the time.

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