Kids think cashier is Moana's demigod Maui and he shows them such kindness (video)

One mom recorded her two daughters when they shopped at Costco. The girls were delighted to visit their favorite cashier at the supermarket chain. 

The family from Hawaii are regular shoppers at the supermarket giant. This time, their mom, Rella Rivera captured their meeting with the man who looks almost eerily similar to "Maui." 

"Maui" is a character in Disney's popular film "Moana." The cashier, whose actual name is William Va'ana, gave the girls a treat during their visit. 

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Ryley, 8, and Rylyn, 5, were ecstatic just to see the celebrity in real life. And when Va'ana asked the girls who they think he is, the girls excitedly responded "Maui!" 

With that, he invited them to come around the corner and join him in saying a catchphrase found in the kids' movie.

The demi-god "Maui" in the 2016 film is voiced by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. 

But Va'ana seemed to do a pretty good job with the fun, high-pitched "Chee-hoo!" expression. Both girls had big smiles on their faces as they returned to their mother.

The Buddy reported that Va'ana often gets mistaken for the animated character and always goes along with it. He yells out the "chee-hoo" phrase and brings joy to the kids regularly. 

Under the Youtube video, Rivera also explained that Va'ana works in parties as "Maui" and used to work at Aulani Disney resort. 

She said: 

“It brought so much joy to my face to see how excited the girls were. Before I could get my phone out to video, he had already let out a loud ‘chee-hoo.’ And the girls lit up even more."

Another hit Disney movie that took both the kid and the adult world by storm was "Frozen" back in 2013. Endless media and renditions  arose as a result of its smash hit "Let It Go." 

Source: YouTube

Just two years later in 2015, Laura Sumrall gave the audience a remarkable performance using the song at the Kentucky Reining Cup in Lexington, Kentucky

She went all out with the costume, dressing up in a blue gown like the character Elsa's own in the movie. 

Source: YouTube

Her horse played a major role in the beautiful display by the then-Texas A&M University student. The steed galloped, halted, and reversed with impeccable grace.

The performance won Sumrall the World Freestyle championship.

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