Ex-convict reportedly stabs wife nearly 50 times and taunts her former lover

A Bronx ex-convict cold-bloodedly killed his wife before calling her ex-boyfriend to pick up their child, and then his parole officer to report his crime. 

According to a report by NY Post, Virgil Solis disemboweled his wife and brutally stabbed her 50 times before calling her ex-lover to pick up their child. A friend of the victim, Sasha, shared with The Post how distraught the man was, who was even told by the suspect that he would attend the funeral. 

"[He was told] 'Go get your daughter - I just killed her mother'.  And [Solis] kept calling, saying 'I'm coming to the funeral'."

Source: Youtube

Source: Youtube

In another phone call, he decided to ring his parole officer, to whom he admitted that he killed his wife. 

"I killed my wife. Come get her."

The ex-convict was still being monitored by the state Department of Corrections after he spent 18-years in jail for a 1998 assault where he stabbed his wife Valerie inside her Tremont apartment. 

Another person in the building heard him attacking his wife, then called 911 at 10 in the morning to report the incident. 

The responding NY{D officers discovered Valerie inside her seventh-floor apartment with a severe stab wound to her stomach and was pronounced dead at the scene. According to law enforcement, she had been disemboweled. 

Source: Youtube

Source: Youtube

Although her killer was nowhere to be found, he was eventually nabbed in downtown Manhattan that same evening. 

Records from state Corrections and Community Supervision states that Virgil Solis had previously been arrested numerous times for assault. 

He served 18-years in prison after he was caught sexually assaulting a woman who refused to have sex with him. According to sources, he hit and choked the woman, which led cops to arrest him for rape, assault, and aggravated sexual abuse. However, he was only convicted of assault in the first degree. 

Source: Youtube

Source: Youtube

The same sources have revealed that during his 18-year incarceration, he was checked into a mental facility, which could be a factor as to why he decided to commit yet another crime that would send him back to prison and even call his parole officer about it. Now, he is back in prison after he gruesomely killed his wife, and it seems like this time, it's for life.

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