Bride completely amazed after famous country singer appears during first dance

This bride received one of the best gifts someone could give her in a lifetime.

At a wedding in northern California, a bride was pleasantly surprised when one of her favorite country artists appeared singing and playing the guitar.

As Rebel Country reported, the couple had chosen the song "Better Today" by Coffey Anderson as the musical accompaniment of the popular tradition of the first dance as married. So they almost fall faintly surprised to see the very same Coffey Anderson appear in the middle of the celebration.

The DJ hired for the event was about to place the song that had been requested for the interpretation of the first dance, but instead of placing Anderson's ballad, he pretended for a moment that he had a problem with the sound system.

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What actually happened was that Anderson was behind the tent where the marriage party was being held, and he was waiting for just that signal to appear playing the guitar and singing "Better Today".

Not only was the couple incredibly surprised, but all the guests were pleasingly amazed to have the pleasure of seeing the renowned country singer.

Weddings are events that are full of surprises, but few are as wonderful as the one that this bride gave to all her guests when walking to the altar completely alone.

His walk was a great surprise because the bride had recently lost her arms and legs due to an illness that led her to be in a coma for more than two months and in which she almost lost her life.

For this reason, being able to walk alone to the altar using only her prosthesis was quite a feat. What a beautiful day this fighter had thanks to her effort and determination.

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