Man suffers payback after attempting highway robbery

Manuela Cardiga
Sep 17, 2018
12:43 P.M.
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A man attempting to rob a car on a highway was foiled by a biker


A hopeful robber got the surprise of his life when Karma turned around on him in a second.

The man, who was wearing a baseball cap and a reflective neon-orange vest, was in the process of grabbing a bag from a white car when he was caught in the act by a motorcyclist's go-pro camera.

The video of the incident was later posted on Youtube/ Anton Damhuis by the biker on the 10th of September 2018 and quickly garnered over 300.000 views in less than 48 hours.

Source: Youtube/ Anton Damhuis

Source: Youtube/ Anton Damhuis


"At first I thought the man was trying to get a lift with a car in front of me. I decided to intervene by pinning the man down with my motorbike."

Anton Damhuis, Unilad, 10th of September 2018.

A Snatch And Grab In South Africa Foiled By A Commuter

The incident took place in Alexandra, in South Africa and filmed by a motorcyclist commuter called Anton Damhuis.

When Damhuis first became aware of the scene unrolling before him he thought the man in the reflective vest was trying to get a ride from the driver of the white car.


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Source: Youtube/ Anton Damhuis

Source: Youtube/ Anton Damhuis

The Motorcyclist Took Action To Stop The Thief


When Damhuis realized that he was witnessing a crime, he decided to take action.

Moving forward, he drove over to the thief and rammed his bike into him, pinning him against the car he was trying to rob.

Source: Youtube/ Anton Damhuis

Source: Youtube/ Anton Damhuis


Thwarting The Villain's Getaway

The thieve in the eye-catching vest fell to the ground, but he manages to evade Damhuis and ran down the road out of sight of his go-pro camera.

Not to be thwarted, a determined Damhuis turned his bike around and went in pursuit of the thief, weaving nimbly through the traffic.

The stolen bag had been dropped on the road close to the white car, and a spectator tried to give it to Damhuis who explained that it belonged to the driver of the car.

Source: Youtube/ Anton Damhuis

Source: Youtube/ Anton Damhuis


Damhuis Became A Media Star Overnight

Damhuis asked the driver of the white car if he was alright, but the man didn't respond.

Later that day he posted the video on Youtube with the following caption:

"I was on my way home and saw this smash and grab. Decided to intervene. Short video if the incident."

A man named Phillip Coetser commented on the post, claiming to be the driver of the white car, and thanked Damhuis for his help.

South Africa is ranked 10th in a list of the world's 25 most violent countries, and high on the list of prevalent crimes are those involving motor vehicles.


Police minister Fikile Mbalulaannual SA Crime Statistics released a report that indicates a steep 14.5% increase in hijacking and other crimes involving motor vehicles revealing that a total of 16 717 cars had been stolen from April 2016 to March 2017

In a related story, a car thief in Ireland had his bad Karma literally boomerang back into his face when he threw a brick at a car window.

He was found by the car's owner who thought he'd been assaulted and offered assistance to the man who'd intended to steal his car.

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