Golden Retriever hilariously misses the point of obedience test

Life is too short to not enjoy the treats and toys that are clearly there to be enjoyed and played with, and this pup wasn't about to miss out just for a pat on the head and the chance of a ribbon. 

An obedience test for dogs is supposed to show just how well they can ignore the yummier side of life just to listen to their master's voice. Owners might train their dogs tirelessly all for the sake of taking their good boy to a competition. 

Back in 2014, however, one Golden Retriever was having none of it. While other dogs seemed to reluctantly or even confidently charge up the run lined with tasy snacks and squeaky toys, he had other ideas. 

As soon as his owner called him from the other side of the run, he lept to his feet and charged...straight to the first tennis ball. He quickly realized there was a plate of deliciousness right behind it, and dove nose first into the bowl. 

With that bowl empty, he expertly sniffed out the next one right behind, diving for that one next. 

Next on his list is a stuffed toy on the run, but he quickly gets distracted from play time as he sniffs out more snacks further back, heading straight down the run again to grab the food he missed. 

By this point, the judge is having a laugh as he checks the time on his stopwatch, while other staff encourage the pup's mom to come fetch him down the run. 

Completely oblivious to the chaos and hysteria going on around him, he continues to move from one plate of food to the next, as a young girl runs down to him in frustration. 

Even after enticing him to follow her, he only gets a few steps before discovering another yummu bowl on the way, and stopping to have another snack. 

Her pleas for the pup to follow her seemingly fall on deaf ears, as he continues to first empty all the bowls on his way to the end of the run. 

Eventually tired of the charade of discipline and obedience, the girl nudges his head out of a bowl, grabs him by the collar, and perp-walks him to the end of the run.

Hopefully those extra treats were worth embarassing his human, and by the looks of that wagging tail, they certainly were!

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