'I hope you die in prison': Judge loses temper in courtroom during sentencing

Judge John McBain, who works at the Jackson County Circuit in Michigan, lost his temper and told a 31-year-old woman that he hoped she died in prison.

Camia Gamet was accused of killing her boyfriend, Marcil Hill, by stabbing him multiple times with a kitchen knife in March 2014. According to McBain, it was one of the worst “cold-blooded” murders he had ever witnessed.

Even though the crime was cruel, Gamet didn’t show any sign of remorse and, according to the judge, she was disrespectful toward the victim’s family who was in the court.

Among the things Gamet did, she was seen rolling her eyes and snickering while one of Hill’s aunts was speaking to the court during the hearing.


McBain had had enough already, and that action invoked an outburst from him as he lost his temper and ultimately started to yell at Gamet, saying that she better “shut” her mouth or he would put a duck-tape on it.

The hearing continued, and it was revealed that the woman had a history of violent behavior against Hill. She had attacked him with a pan, a hammer, and even a floor lamp in the past.


"You were relentless. You stabbed, you stabbed, you stabbed, you stabbed, you stabbed until he was dead. I agree with the family; I hope you die in prison as well. You know, if this was a death penalty state, you’d be getting the chair," said McBain, clearly upset with the case.

She was convicted of first-degree murder by a jury. Gamet’s defense attempted to claim in the court that she thought she was stabbing an intruder in a dark room. She defended that the murder was committed in self-defense. However, the jury and judge didn’t believe her version of the story as Gamet didn’t suffer any injury during the fight.


Judge Merrilee Ehrlich from Broward Circuit in Florida was captured in video angrily talking to a frail inmate in a wheelchair who was trying to talk about her ailments and breathing treatments. Sandra Twiggs, the inmate, passed away a couple of days later.

Broward Chief Administrative Judge Jack Tuter said that Ehrlich wouldn’t return to the courthouse as he was saddened and disappointed for the judge’s behavior.

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