October 09, 2018

Girl prepares to show off dance moves but moments later, her 3 brothers burst into the room

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When this adorable little girl starts to dance, her three older brothers pop out and join in moments later.

In the YouTube video shared by Michael Vullo back in June, a little sister can be seen busting out a choreographed dance performance in their basement. But soon, her three brothers are in on the action.

"When little sister wants to dance, brothers have to do what brothers have to do," Michael Vullo wrote.   

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In the clip, the girl is seen starting out with her head down. Her long straight hair is covering her face.

When the song "Powerglide" starts to play, she begins to dance. She fist pumps in the air and kicks with one leg while hopping on the other.

Before the song can even get underway, one of her brothers pops into the picture. One by one, all four siblings end up dancing together.       

However, when the song suddenly changes, the quartet each bust out a Fortnite dance move that has viewers cracking up.


Then, they go freestyle at the end. It’s really difficult to tell which sibling you want to admire the most!

Since the video was posted to the popular video-sharing site, it has already been viewed more than 141,000 times.

The clip, titled "When little sister wants to dance!" also became a trending topic on Twitter and Facebook.

The four siblings received praises from netizens as well.


YouTube user thedeafgenius wrote: "She is actually pretty good for her age. Just look at that execution of the floss."

"Seriously cannot stop watching this video! They looked like they were having so much fun! " SouthernTwlightStar added.

"All the kids are so so adorable. God Bless them with lots of love and happiness. I wish if they could have posted complete dance performance," commented Pradeep Rawat.