Rescue dog that was abandoned travels 1,000 miles to become therapy animal

Los Angeles residents called an organization called Hope for Paws after they spotted a homeless wandering dog. The dog dubbed a “gentle giant” was allowed by the residents a chance to be saved.

Two volunteers from the organization found the Newfoundland resting peacefully on a sidewalk. Little did they know that they would travel almost 1,000 miles to give the dog for adoption.

When two Hope for Paws volunteers found the stray Newfoundland it looked healthy. However, the truth was that it was underweight and in poor health due to living on the streets.

It was shared that the friendly and healthy-looking due dog was “actually super skinny” and “not doing well on the streets.” One of the volunteers fed the dog doggy biscuits to try and gain its trust.

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. Then a cheeseburger was used to get the dog to wear a leash.

The organization soon named the canine Everest. At the recovery center the volunteers found “many embedded foxtails in his body, and we had to remove them one by one.”

The dog also received a bath and medical treatment. After a few days in the care of Hope of Paws, an adoption application was received from a family 1,000 miles away in Oregon.

Two members of the organization flew 2.5 hours with Everest to meet his new family. The organization even had to hire a car to drive the lucky dog his new home.

Everest’s new family will also include two other dogs named Bonnie and Clyde. In the clip that Hope for Paws shared the former homeless dog was shown bonding with its family.

Clyde was trained as a therapy dog. Everest will begin training as a therapy dog like his brother who also happens to be a fellow Newfoundland.

The family hopes Everest and Clyde will both bring smiles to children's hospitals together. Hope for Paws is a Beverly Hills-based nonprofit dedicated to rescuing animals.

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