December 19, 2018

Bittersweet moment girl bursts into tears when she hears she's being adopted

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Daniel and Paige Zezulka, a couple from Georgia, captured the moving moment when they revealed to a sweet girl she had been adopted. 

Paige shared the video on Facebook and it quickly exceeded 4 million views. Now, more than 10 million people have seen the video of one of the sweetest moments in the girl's life.

The adoption process was approved on Ivey's birthday and her parents surprised her with the news. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

What they didn’t expect was the overwhelming reaction she would have. In they video, they can be seen placing a gift box in front of Ivey and asked her to open it



Inside was the letter from the adoption agency stating that the process had been successful. The little girl read the adoption document and broke into tears of happiness.

Her new parents quickly embraced her to comfort her as they cried too. They said

"She's been living with a question mark of what will happen, we love her birth family and she loves them too, but it became [that] with us was where she wanted to be."

Paige and Daniel didn’t only adopt Ivey, but also formalized the adoption of their two younger siblings; Kai, a three-year-old and Lita, a one-year-old.



Now, the family is finally happy that nothing can separate them. Ivey had spent more than three years in total in different foster homes until she came to the Zezulka family.

Her new parents say that Ivey asked them if she could call them mom and dad the first night she spent in their home. 

They were delighted with the sweet little girl and also happy that she felt safe and comfortable with them.


The next morning, Ivey told them she wanted to stay with them forever and that's when they knew they would do whatever was necessary to adopt her.

Ivey and her little brothers could not have found a better home in which to grow up healthy and happy; their parents hope to give them the best life they can have, full of love and affection.

It is easy to imagine the happiness that a child can feel knowing that he can count on a family and a home in which to grow, but unfortunately, not all stories are the same.


Adam and Jessica Davis from Ohio decided to adopt a Ugandan girl and contacted an adoption agency in Ohio that got them little Namata.

The Davis family had been told that Namata was an orphan and had no one to take care of her, but when the little girl learned to speak English, she told them a very different story.

The agency had deceived them, and Namata did have a loving family in Africa that she missed a lot.