Kansas man was in his underwear when cops with guns drawn broke into his home in viral video

David Reynolds was in his underwear when police broke through his door with arms drawn thinking he was the suspect they were looking for. He filmed their confrontation revealing the mistake the police made.

Police in search of a “Hispanic” suspect busted through the door of innocent student David Reynolds’ home after he resisted to cooperate with them. He was half-naked and in the middle of giving his dog a bath when he was greeted by the cops with their guns drawn when he first answered the door. 

Source: https://www.facebook.com/david.reynolds

Source: https://www.facebook.com/david.reynolds

Reynolds was home during a break from his university classes when police interrupted the bath he was giving his dog. He was only in his underwear when he answered the loud banging on his door which he opened after there was no response when he asked who it was. 

As he opened the door, Topeka Police Department officers had arms drawn and aimed at him telling him to go outside. Denying their request and shutting the door on them, Reynold’s was later surprised when the police officers broke his door down and threw him on the ground as they placed him in handcuffs. They then searched his home while Reynolds wondered why they were doing so. 

Upon being released from the handcuffs, an upset Reynolds took out his phone to record his conversation with the cops as he demanded an explanation for the harassment he just experienced.  

"I've done time; I'm well versed in this. You have no right. I don't care who calls you, you have no right to bust my door down without a warrant, even if I did have an AK-47 in here.I am fully within my rights to have an AK-47 as long as it's not an automatic firing weapon. End of story."

Source: https://www.facebook.com/david.reynolds

Source: https://www.facebook.com/david.reynolds

The officer who the camera was aimed at explained they didn’t need a warrant because of “exigent circumstances” to which Reynold’s replied,

"Exigent circumstances requires what? A full description. All you guys had was a ‘Hispanic male'… exigent circumstances requires a full description. This is my house. I live here. Y'all just busted my door in and drew AR-15s on me for doing nothing more than washing my [explicit] dog."

He added that if things went down differently he would be dead for no apparent reason. Then he asked them to leave.

Following the incident, the Topeka department released a statement on Facebook explaining what transpired. It said the officers were called to the apartment after receiving a call about a domestic dispute. According to the caller, the man involved in the dispute described as Hispanic was armed with a rifle and making threats to a woman. The officers justified their breaking into Reynolds’ door thinking of the alleged woman’s safety. 

A day after the incident, recordings of the communication between Topeka police and the 911 dispatcher were released. It revealed the Hispanic man in question was wearing a “black bandana” around his face and was spotted on the 2ndfloor of a building. The person who made the 911 call was the sister of the woman allegedly in harm’s way of the suspect. 

Upset over the treatment he received, Reynolds vowed to find answers in another post. 

"I was washing my dog, in between classes. Are you telling me [I'm] no longer safe to do that in my own home? I should just bow down and obey to every badge that comes to my door waving an AR-15? Is this the world we live in? I need answers. And I'm not going away until I get them."


This incident of mistaken identity comes just days after 26-year-old businessman Botham Jean was shot to death by a Dallas Police Officer after she mistook Jean’s apartment as hers. Amber Guyger thought she was entering her own apartment when she spotted Jean who she thought was an intruder and shot him. Guyger was later arrested and charged with manslaughter.

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