Singing dog toy left grandparents flabbergasted

Feb 01, 2019
01:51 P.M.
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We've all heard of dysfunctional toys and normally have a good giggle, but this particular little dog toy shocked these grandparents with some unexpected lyrics.


All grandparents love buying new gifts for their grandchildren, especially those that aid in education and growth. When Stuart and Diane Gravenell bought a LeapFrog Alpha singing Pup they were mortified at what came out of the toy pup's mouth!

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When Jessica heard it she phoned us up and asked, 'Is this some kind of joke? And then when she played it to us we both heard it and I just thought, 'oh my God!

A couple decided to buy their 18-month-old granddaughter, Iris, an educational toy to help with learning the alphabet and phonics. This little toy also features three educational songs, so it would be logical to buy this for any young child. The LeapFrog Alpha Pup toy to costs £17 from Boots - which is a reasonable price and one would think that you can't put a price on education.


'It's not really good enough that a young children's toy can be misheard as that.'

Stuart and Diane Gravenell from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, were absolutely shocked when their daughter opened the box and realized that the songs had X-rated lyrics. Imagine the horror when the little toy pup sang the word ""f***" at the door" instead of "knock"! The family claim they can clearly hear the X-rated word instead of the correct word according to the song “One, two, chew on a shoe, three, four, bark at the door” instead of "“f*** at the door", which the toy pup is meant to sing.



This hilarious video went viral when the couple discovered what the toy pup was singing.

It got quite the attention on social media as well.


The couple said that their daughter, Jessica, who lives in Wallingford, Oxford, has confiscated the toy pup to avoid Iris from mispronouncing the word in future. Toys are usually reviewed and have reviews online for Amazon before the buyer decides to purchase products. Even then, one can never be too careful...


Mr. Gravenell added: 'It's been a naughty dog, so Jessica has put it into quarantine.'

Nicole and Amazon user wrote: 'I had to play this many times and ask lots of different people and they all agree.'


Another user, DW, replied to the review, saying, 'Exactly what we thought! We guess it's meant to say knock but it clearly sounds like what you said.'

They're rather concerned that this toy is widely available at high street retailers and hope that other parents and grandparents can avoid such embarrassing disasters in future. Here's a similar story.

All fun and games aside - this naughty little pup gets no treats.

We all remember the lyrics "Hush little baby, don' say a word. Mama's gonna buy you a Mockingbird". This is a must see as this toy sing a potty-mouthed word instead of "mocking" and it's hilarious!