Students sing 'Eye of the Storm' as Hurricane Florence draws closer

A Video clip goes viral as students are filmed singing ‘Eye of the Storm’ after praying for everyone Hurricane Florence might affect.

On Tuesday a group of elementary school kids at Wayne Christian School in Goldsboro, North Carolina was filmed by Paris Verme, a cook at the school, shortly before Hurricane Florence hit the coast. 

Verme, who has four children also attending school there wrote that the students started singing after praying for everyone in Florence’s path.

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Verme told Fox News:

“I simply posted the video so the Wayne Christian family that wasn’t there to witness it could see what the kids had done that morning because it was so moving.

I never thought in a million years it would have touched over 1.3 million people!!! It’s all God’s work, he just used me to help!”

By Thursday evening the video had 1.6 million views, over 1,600 comments, and over 29,000 shares, and even caught the attention of Stevenson himself.

After sharing Verme’s post later on his Facebook page he adds the following message:

 “As I’m preparing to head to Virginia to begin my ‘Eye of the Storm Tour’, I came across this post today...

I’m so moved to see this entire school preparing for the hurricane; praying for others!

Beyond humbled to play any role in spreading hope & comfort to people experiencing hardship!

My thoughts and prayers with everyone in the path of Florence! East Coast, I’m coming to be there with you!!!”.

Friday morning Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina as a Category 1 storm.

The storm left over 80,000 people without power and over 12,000 people left homeless and driven to shelters as the storm hit the coast. Follow Fox News on Twitter for updates.

For updates on Hurricane Florence visit this Fox news link for information.

The consequences of Hurricane Florence reaches further, also affecting animals, and some take to the streets in search for drier ground as seen below.

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