Here's what happened when a man released a dog who was chained for most of his life

Steve Markwell, an animal enthusiast, wanted to share a valuable lesson about the harmful effects chaining has on a dog when he found a German Shepard tied to a fence post. The dog was aggressive and snapped at Markwell whenever he got too close. 

After several tries, he freed the dog, called Alex. The German Shepard began to warm up to Markwell within an hour and wasn't so aggressive anymore. 

The following day, after Alex had time to adjust, Markwell recorded another video clip and the difference was remarkable. Gone was the snapping dog from the day before. 

In the second video, Alex could be seen sitting on Markwell's lap. Alex enjoyed all the petting and head rubs and even appeared playful. He was at ease in Markwell's company. 

Seeing Alex be free for the first time in ages was heartwarming and the clip ends with Alex bouncing around the yard and playing with a ball. 

Speaking of dogs who were given a second chance at life, meet the adorable Duffy, a terrier who didn't have it easy. 

Duffy had to face many obstacles, including a diabetes diagnosis and losing his sight, which in turn affected his quality of life. 

His owners thought there was nothing left to do for the poor pooch but then they met a veterinarian who was willing to help Duffy regain his sight. 

Even though the surgery and treatments were expensive, they didn't think twice. The operation was a success and Duffy's family captured the beautiful moment when he was able to see his owners again. 

Here are both videos, which one do you like most?



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