September 17, 2018

Lil Scrappy reveals unborn baby boy's unique name ahead of wife Bambi's due date

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Lil Scrappy's wife Bambi is about to pop, and the couple made sure to let their fans know the name of their unborn baby boy, which is both interesting and unique. 

In a recent Instagram post showing his wife posing in just a red coat, the rapper let his fans in on their son's name. Sharing a photo of Bambi in her maternity photo shoot, he made sure to acknowledge his wife's beauty, while calling on his son as his mom, dad, and sister are all waiting for him. 

Prior to their simple name reveal, the couple had an extravagant baby shower with their closest family and friends to welcome their child. 


Showing off her pregnant belly, Bambi attended the special day in just a sparkling bra and ripped pants, much to the delight of her friends and fans. Making sure all eyes were on her and the baby, her sparkling outfit definitely took center stage on that night. 


Although their guests came in their best outfits, there was nothing that could top the expectant mother's, which included a silver bra, leather pants, and a silver choker. Beside her, Lil Scrappy posed in a white t-shirt and a denim jumper, while clutching on to his crutches, which he has been using since the critical accident he had back in June. 

Despite his accident leaving him in crutches, Scrappy has been trying his best to recover as soon as possible in order to be the best dad he can be to his unborn son. Now that the clock is ticking, they are just waiting for the little one to arrive, hopefully, this week.

The happy parents named their child Prince Breland, quite a unique name for the usual and conventional baby names.

"My wife @adizthebam is like a tall beaurtiful pregnant fairy walkin on air , come on #Prince #Breland ya mama sister and daddy waiting on ya,this yo week"