The dog's reaction when the kitten boops his nose goes viral

Here is an adorable story about a dog and his fellow kitten that will have you rolling with laughter. Close encounters of the fluffy kind.

Dogs are naturally the guardians of the home and do well in a family environment. This Great Danes are no exception to strength and size and fearless. So you certainly wouldn't want to intrude on an owner's home with a Great Dane guarding the property, but this dog's reaction to his fellow kitten is priceless indeed! 

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Kitten boops dog on the nose

Kitten boops dog on the nose

Big things come in small packages and this little kitten shows the Great Dane who's boss in the video shared below.

Kittens are mischievous and playful as we all know. Dogs are curious and sometimes their curiosity gets them into sticky situations. 

You'd expect a dog of this size to be courageous and overpower smaller animals, such as cats. When you see dogs and cats together you'd normally visualize the poor cat being chased down the street from pure fear of being caught and made into a delicious chew-toy. Not in this case.


When this Great Dane, named Ronan, sticks his nose into the kitten's area, he gets an unexpected surprise. The little feisty kitten boops him on the nose to show him who's boss and his reaction is priceless on their first encounter. 

Ronan, being curious of his new family member, goes sniffing around like the inspector he is and finds a viciously adorable ball of fluff, ready for the attack. This little kitten was getting to know his new surroundings and minding his own business, as kittens do, playing on the windowsill when along comes a nosey parker and rudely interrupts the little kittens' playtime. So what does the kitten do to show him who's boss? He gives him a boop on the nose!  


The kitten could have been having a difficult time being behind the blinds, and timing is everything. Poor Ronan was clearly in the wrong place at the wrong time. One could imagine he'd be more cautious in future.

Kitty boop

Kitty boop

It's always hilarious when you see a dog of Ronan's size, having the reputation of a fearless leader be brought down to the size of a gentle giant by a little ball of fluff. Size in this case definitely does not count and it makes you appreciate having these adorable pets as fur members of the family. 

Shocked dog

Shocked dog

We all need a good giggle and a pet to warm our hearts and these two most certainly have.

If you have a dog and are thinking of getting a cute little kitten or puppy to extend your family, then click here to learn how to best introduce the new members of the family without those unexpected boops, hisses or yaps. 

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