Frightened owl released from trap, but bird's reaction is pure gold (video)

A great horned owl got tangled in a fishing line and Graig Loving, a golf superintendent from the Lost Creek County Club in Austin, rushed to the bird's aid. 

The incident took place in March last year and their short video clip took the internet by storm. It had been viewed more than 1.5 million times since then, on one YouTube channel alone!

Loving explained that the owl had been stuck in the same position since the previous night, and the incident was reported to the club's office when employees saw that the owl had its wing trapped in fishing line. 

The employees reached out to wildlife experts in the area but none were available to assist on such short notice and Loving then volunteered to rescue the majestic bird himself. 

He approached the owl gently, armed with a pair of pliers to cut through and remove the fishing line. He inspected the owl's wings and found even more line tangled up under the feathers.

The owl was remarkably calm throughout it all, apart from slamming his beak down every now and then. For the most part, it seemed as though the owl knew that Loving was there to help him and that he was safe in Loving's care. 

Every time the owl slammed his beak down, Loving would gently talk to the owl, and that seemed to calm the bird down to some extent. When removed all the pieces of fishing wife, Loving gently shifted the owl from its perch using the handle of a shovel. 

Even after the owl was freed from his constraints, the majestic creature chose to spend a few moments with Loving, as if to show thanks, before finally flying away. 

Loving said the encounter was intimidating but he was glad to have helped and is thankful for the opportunity to save an animal's life. Loving was commended online for his selfless act: 

Many remarked that the owl knew exactly what was happening, and knew that Loving was only there to help him. Social media users said Loving deserves respect for helping the owl, and we agree!

But before we you show you the adorable video of the horned owl, allow us to share with you this cute story of this charming, yet thirsty squirrel! Visitors the Great Canyon in Arizona recorded the footage back in June and the story had gone viral since then.

Paul Camps was vacationing with his girlfriend when this daring squirrel got unusually close to them. The squirrel followed them around, seemingly unafraid of the humans towering above him. Camps took out a bottle of water and titled it towards to curious squirrel while his girlfriend recorded the special moment.

When the squirrel saw the bottle of water, he extended his paws towards it and Camp realized that the animal must have been very thirsty. He gulped the water until finally satisfied. Netizens from around the world commended the couple. 

Animals are fascinating creatures indeed and sometimes they just need a little help from us. As we can see from these two stories, they are grateful when kind and caring humans cross their paths. 

Here are both videos, which one do you like most?



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