Little girl trades kisses with gigantic owl in sweet video

Jun 02, 2018
10:36 P.M.
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The video shows hugs and kisses exchanged between a little girl and her best friend, a snowy owl.


A channel named Ciccipro2lavendetta shared the video on YouTube on November 16, 2015.

The girl and the snowy owl seem to BFFs. The video shows the two exchanging hugs and kisses, with the feathery friend comfortable in its house.

The little girl showers her friend with affection and it seems to reciprocate to an extent.

Though it is known to be a bird of prey, the owl proves it has a soft side as proved by the exchange in the clip.

The video, believed to be filmed in Italy, is heartwarming because the girl and the owl seem to share a strong bond.


Initially, the owl stays still but tries to nibble at the girl when she tries to kiss its face. The two then seem to be comfortable in each other’s company.

The two are not new to each other. In another video uploaded in the same channel, the two are seen hugging each other as the video begins.


However, the snowy owl appears to grow tired of being squeezed tightly and is seen squawking for some space later on. 

The girl then shows how much she adores her friend when she kisses it multiple times on the face. The bird returns the love by tapping its beak on the girl’s face.

At one particular point in the video, the owl opens its beak and pecks out at the girl on her chin. However, she is not astounded by the ‘attack’ and laughs it off.

The video has several heart-touching moments and one of them is when both the owl and the girl look towards the camera and look like they are enjoying their time together.

By the end of the video, the owl appears to have had enough of the love and chirps out as the little girl takes a few steps backward.