Firefighters were rescuing puppies when they realized they weren't actually dogs

They found out that they had rescued a litter of red foxes after they were taken to a rescue center.

As reported in an article published by Inside Edition, a fireman from Colorado Springs Fire Department was captured on camera last Thursday saving at least 8 black puppies that were stuck in the gutter.

He later realized that all those puppies that he rescued were, in fact, baby foxes.

The officials that had reached the scene believed that the drain had newborn black Labradors inside. Brian Vaughn, the Fire Captain, told that his team was worried that it was a case of dog dumping.

Vaughn revealed that it took almost twenty minutes for the pups to be rescued and they were sent to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region once they were cleaned up.

Once they cleaned up the puppies and sent them to the shelter, they realized that they were not Labrador puppies. Instead, they were babies of a red fox. 

This revelation was given out by the local vet who was called on to inspect the medical status of the kits. Vaughn shared that this news was shocking to his team, especially the fireman who rescued them.

Vaughn explained that their locality was in close proximity to the Rocky Mountains. In fact, the neighborhood was built in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

The town has been prone to very frequent sightings of foxes. The baby foxes will be under the supervision of the Humane Society until the time they recuperate.

There have been no reports or discussions on any future action plan involving the baby foxes once they recover at the facility.

On an average, the litter size of a red fox is between 4-6 kits. There have been litter sizes of over 13 in areas where mortality rates are on the higher side. 

The kits will grow their fur after eight weeks and will fully reach their adulthood at an age of 6-7 months.

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