Video of a massive cloud of moths swallowing a French town looks terrifying

Sep 18, 2018
12:12 P.M.
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A small French town was bombarded by thousands of moths as seen in the viral video.


A terrifying occurrence had been happening in the town of Oyonnax in the Ain department of eastern France.

Supposedly, a swarm of boxwood moths has enveloped the entire town for the past couple of weeks, as shared by one of the locals in the area.

A video taken on September 9 showed a dark cloud that turned out to be the insects flying around a lamp post and sticking to a window.


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Around 9:30 in the evening, Gaelle Lecompte captured the terrifying clip after seeing the strange sight. He and his partner had just arrived in their home at the time.

On their glass window pane, about dozens of moths were sticking on it, and thousands more were flying under the street light outside Lecompte’s home.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook


Shocked voices can be heard in the background as Lecompte, and his company couldn’t seem to comprehend what they were seeing.

Later on, Lecompte expressed that he believes the presence of the insects were explained by the lamp posts.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook


“The moths are particularly concentrated in our village – especially at night because of these street lights,” he



According to the Daily Mail, a theory explained that moths use the lights to help them migrate.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook


Although, a couple of experts have axed the notion and claimed that the creatures originally use the light from the moon for direction, but the artificial light tends to throw off the moth’s natural navigation system.

There are also other experts claiming that moths are attracted to the infrared spectrum brought about by candle lights.


The same spectrum is emitted by a female moth’s pheromones, which cause male moths to be attracted to them.

Originally, boxwood moths are found in Asia but have been sighted in Europe, particularly in France, since 2008.

In another viral video, a man named Robbie Knills was shocked and terrified when he saw a massive python crawling upwards on the wall outside of his house in Australia.

The man was fully aware that the snake had been living on the roof of his house for quite some time, but it was the first time for him to see the reptile in action.

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