September 18, 2018

Negligent driver left an unpleasant surprise for others in a parking lot

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Bad parking practically never results in good things. One man who got his car towed for blocking a homeowners' driveway certainly got what was coming to him.

According to Unilad, the residents of Monton, Salford in the UK were thoroughly displeased when they were met with a car that completely blocked their driveway on September 12.

The blatant display of inconsideration would leave most frustrated. And it left at least one homeowner immobile as their own car was inside the driveway. 

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A photo of the obstructing vehicle was uploaded to Twitter and viewers were understandably frustrated on the homeowners' behalf. A few spoke about their own experiences.


In the end, the driver's vehicle was towed away and he received a penalty notice from the Greater Manchester Police force.


The officers wrote above the picture: 

"A patrol was sent to a vehicle causing obstruction in @GMPMonton this morning.  Vehicle was blocking in a vehicle on the drive.


Their tweet amounted to a much-needed warning to the public:  

"Traffic Offence Report issued & vehicle towed away.  PLEASE PARK RESPONSIBLY DON’T BLOCK OTHERS IN."


Commenters expressed their own take on the incident. They were largely enraged at the fact that someone would be so selfish as to commit the unspoken crime.


Earlier in September, another parking fiasco took place in a head-to-head manner between two drivers. 

One driver actually got out of her vehicle to run ahead and secure a parking space that was moments away from being occupied by someone else. 

The in-vehicle driver was Nicholas Chew. He was accompanied by his wife when the bizarre incident happened and was recorded on their vehicle's dash cam.

The woman refuses to move even after several loud honks from Chew. Other women also stand in the spot. The woman claimed that she was holding the spot for her father nearby.

Eventually, Chew admits defeat and moves to another spot in the parking lot.