White German woman wants to change race & 'turns herself into black' in viral video

A white female model decided she prefers to be black so she takes extreme measures to turn African American. 

Martina Big, a German woman who claims to have the biggest breasts in Europe became the subject of headlines this year not for her enormous assets but for transforming from a white woman to a black one.  She recently appeared on "The Maury Show" to tell her story and now claims she's 80 percent black. 

Previous reports about Martina showed her amazing drive to become black. The 29-year-old glamour girl who was born white had a 50-tube sunbed installed in her home and used tanning injections to turn herself black. In a video that’s gone viral, she reveals her astounding transformation after undergoing extreme measures to achieve her radical new look. 

In July 2017, the former blonde and blue-eyed flight attendant unveiled her successful transformation during a trip to Los Angeles. Along with her dark skin, she sported hair extensions with curly, African hair. She posed in front of the iconic Hollywood sign and said, 

“Last time I visited this with blonde hair and white skin - and now I'm a black woman with African hair."

Martina’s desire to change began in 2012 after realizing she wanted to look like a Barbie doll. She first had her breasts enlarged to a size 32S due to her wish to look like Pamela Anderson. Then she realized later she wanted to have black skin and began the process of her transformation. She went for a life-threatening melanin injection that completely changed her skin color. She changed her hair from blonde to black and even went to a salon to get an African kinky weave.  

But Martina wasn’t done with her transformation. After constantly getting lip injections to look African, she decided she also wanted a nose job to match her look. However, the doctors she consulted refused to fix her nose for fear that she would one day decide to become white again.

Martina has since visited Kenya and had herself baptized with her new name Malaika Mkubwa.

“The Maury Show” recently revealed her story as she was interviewed by the show’s host, Maury Povich.  Wearing a “Black Girls Rock” necklace, she revealed she felt she was 80 percent black. She also said she didn’t change her skin for attention or to offend anyone but simply did it for herself. 

“I am black. That is my race,” she concluded. 

Here's Martina today during her recent guesting on "The Maury Show."

In March, Martina graced headlines after it was discovered she'd been lying about her age. While she claimed she was 29, her childhood photos suggested she was actually 40. Photos of her old class picture were released by German newspaper Bild and based on the birth years of the other children in the photo, the publication concluded Martina would have to at least been born between 1977 to 1978,  making her about 40 years old.

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