Man gets arm tattoo of brother with Down's syndrome's face and shares his reaction (video)

These siblings captured the hearts of many people all over the world with their viral video. The older brother had a tattoo of his younger brother with Down syndrome’s face, and his reaction was heartwarming.

The tattoo appeared to be the younger brother’s face wearing a lion’s head.

Rafa, the older brother, had the huge tattoo on his arm and it was the first time for his younger brother, Erick, to see it.

As they sat in the car, the two brothers shared a special moment that was captured on video.

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Their mother, Soares Sheila, posted the viral clip on Facebook. She explained in the post that it was Rafa’s tribute to his beloved brother.

“Look at my puppy’s reaction to the beautiful tribute, his face tattooed inside a lion’s mouth. The video is EXCITING. That’s why I saw Rafa asking Erick to make brave face.”

The video started with Rafa showing the design to Erick. The younger brother soon realized it was his face on his brother’s arm and he took some time to take in every detail and appreciate the wonderful work of art.

Seconds later, the siblings shared a special moment of brotherly affection and wrapped each other in a tight embrace.

As soon as the video was uploaded, thousands of people on Facebook shared it worldwide.

Sheila said she was not expecting the reaction of many Facebook users and that the video she uploaded of her two sons was going to become a huge hit.

As revealed by Unilad, Sheila explained the reason behind the success of the video.

She said, “THIS IS CALLED GOD. Because he was the cause of the success of this video, because contrary to what many people think, I have never had anything easy in this life, only US and GOD and the closest friends know well what I’ve already spent in life, so Erick is here with us.”

The mother said her faith is the reason why she had surpassed all the obstacles she experienced in raising her children.

For Erick and Rafa, they continue to share special moments that strengthen their bond as brothers.

Meanwhile, another boy with Down syndrome also gained attention on the internet.

Billy became an online sensation when he hit a home run and celebrated with a special dance.

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